Happy Birthday Jeffrey



Being your big brother has been both easy and difficult. 

On one hand I’ve had to do very little guidance because you're smart enough to have figured it out in your own. On the other hand, because no older brother wants to be out done by their little brother, I always have to stay at the top of my game. 

It’s been thrilling watching you play the drums and develop as a photographer. It's been inspiring to see how hard you work and your commitment to being a better person. 

Whether it was moving to Michigan, backyard basketball, eating spaghetti for what seemed like everyday in the summer, or fighting as often as we used to—we’ve been through the best and worst of times and there’s nobody else I would have rather gone through it with. 

It's a privilege and honor to share the same goal of wanting the best for Mom and trying to make her proud.

I’ve had a front row seat to the first 19 years of your remarkable life. Our best years are ahead of us and I look forward to sharing them with you. 

Know that I love you, and that you are one of the very few people I'd put my own life down for. 

Happy 20th birthday.

Your super proud older brother,