Hi, I'm Kyle

I am a conglomerate of many different things. I represent no specific group of people, instead I have chosen to merge them. I navigate through an untraditional world with many traditional values. I was born in a city but raised in a small town. I read Nietzsche, Jung, and Plato while listening to Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, and Rick Ross. I am a former student-athlete who chooses to play chess in his free time. I lived in a 80% white state, while graduating from the most ethnically diverse National University. I keep up with technology blogs in between my workout days. I pay my tithe and use the rest of the money to buy Jordans. I speak the current slang and write in Modern English. I buy clothes from the preppy and get haircuts in the ghetto. I talk with the nerds, play with the jocks, and make jokes with the class clown.

I want to learn everything, live forever, and help solve all the world's problems—the worst part is that I believe I can do it.

Sometimes I give talks: 

  • TEDx: Free Intelligent Conversation
    This is me talking about why we're all intelligent and why we need to talk to strangers more than ever.

  • Kymone Hinds Ideas2Life Podcast
    In this podcast episode I talk about how I took Free Intelligent Conversation from an idea to a reality.

  • MuMvmt Podcast
    In this podcast episode I talk about Free Intelligent Conversation.

  • Hero Ball Podcast
    In this podcast episode I talk about basketball, LeBron James, and Free Intelligent Conversation.

  • The Embolden Podcast
    In this podcast episode I talk about Free Intelligent Conversation, a bit of mythology, and talk about why it's tough to be present.

Sometimes they talk about me: 

Sometimes we make videos: 

Sometimes we make songs: 

  • But You Tweeting?
    You know when you get a read receipt and the person hasn't replied? Then you check social media and they're live and active? This is a song about that. Made by Chikondi and myself.

  • Cheesay!
    This is a song about Taco Bells Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito. Made by Chikondi and Max

  • Attendance Slip
    This is a song about the struggles of keeping high school attendance. Made by Chikondi, Steven, Marcelo, Ben, and myself.

  • Be On That (Starcraft)
    This is a song about Starcraft. Made by Chikondi, Mika, Jaime, and myself.