Eric Dees is off to the Army.


Eric Dees is off to the Army. 

The first friend I made when I moved to Berrien Springs, 15 years ago. One of the few people I’ve spoken to everyday, plus-or-minus, since.

Anyone will tell you that, Dees has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. And a miraculous type of charm, that still doesn’t make sense to me. (Seriously)

Dees, you've always been about service—Incredibly unselfish with your time. So wiling to help, that most of the time I have to make sure not to mention any problems/situations going on. 

I know you’ll be handling your business, so I’ll make sure to handle mine.

I’m not even in the slightest worried about you, I know you have what it takes to excel.

More than anything it’s just tough to see you go. 

I knew this time was coming—You’ve been talking about doing this since the 8th grade. I’ve just been spoiled and will have to adjust to not having the luxury of you always being around. 

Thank you for always being there to celebrate the highs. Thank you for just keeping me company through the lows. 

Thank you for your service.